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From: martin boyar
Subject: Four-Pack, by Josh DuganThe first time I saw the four-pack white socks at the shopping club
warehouse, I could only shake my head.”How cheap,” I Preteen Model Tube
thought to myself. But guys were buying them by the
shopping-cartful. They had just been introduced and heavily advertised and
marketed as the hottest sports item for the young athlete. Since the
shopping club had my age and zip code and all my demographic information,
I’d been getting mailers and emails advertising the four-packs of white
socks.And while I wear white socks exclusively and Preteen Model Tube have untold number of them,
and while I’m a young athletic type and all my friends are young athletic
types who happen to wear white socks, I just couldn’t cave in and buy
four-packs of white socks on the strength of endless mailers and emails. Or
other forms of targeted marketing, for that matter.”Idiots,” I thought to myself, looking incredulously at the handsome young
guys who were showing each other their four-packs of white socks, and
carefully reading the labeling, and in some cases saving each other’s
places so they could run back and get more four-packs before they got to
the register.How could they think they were getting a bargain? Sure, the extra pair was
a little less in the four pack than it would have been if you’d bought
separate pairs, the way they priced it, but some of the four-packs cost
more than it would have cost to buy separate pairs, probably because of the
brand or something. Was I missing something?But again, the check-out lines, the hundreds of mile-long check-out lines
of the warehouse shopping club, were thronged with athletic young guys
smiling and seeming pleased with themselves for buying the four-packs of
white socks. Total strangers would smile at each other and compare their
four-packs of white socks, and have enthusiastic conversations about them,
and about giving them to their friends, and have animated wishful
discussions about guys they’d like to give them to.”Give me a break,” I could only think to myself. What a dull world it had
become, where strong young men, good-looking young athletes with everything
to live for, were excited about four-packs of white socks.So it was a little embarrassing later on when my roommate Brian, just back
from the gym, said he had a surprise for me, and from behind his back
pulled out a four-pack of white socks and gave them to me.”Dude, you need these socks!” he smiled, running his hand through his
highlighted hair. “I thought of you the minute I got these.”The moment called for lightness and gratitude, which I amazed myself by
fabricating on the spot, although I was only irritated and actually thought
my otherwise cool roommate was kind of stupid for falling for all the
marketing hype, and thinking I would fall for it, too. But my actual
performance was flawless:”Oh, wow, thanks, Brian - cool! Can’t wait to put’em on. So cool of you to
get’em for me. I owe ya!” I smiled, appropriately turning the four-pack
over and over and looking like I was really glad to get it.I’ve never seen Brian look so excited and hopeful, although he seemed to be
trying to contain himself. His eyes were brighter and he kind of flushed
overall and actually stammered: “Oh man, you gonna p-put’em on? I wanna
see’em on you!”I was inwardly wondering what was wrong with Brian, but this was not the
moment to show it.”Yeah, right away, Brian. The socks I’m wearing I’ve had on since
breakfast; I could use a change of socks by now.”He looked grateful, almost sweaty with gratitude. He looked at me
expectantly. “Well?” he said.”Well what?” I smiled, still trying to keep up the lightness and gratitude,
but feeling kind of pushed.”So put’em on. C’mon, dude, I gotta see ya in’em.” He was being nice about
it, but his eyes were pleading.I tried maneuvering.”Sure, but how come you don’t have a four-pack of these white socks? It’s
nice of you to give me these, but don’t you want a four-pack as well?” In
fact, Brian and I didn’t mind if we wore each other’s socks, because we
both have size 13 feet, so our socks fit each other. In fact, we’ve even
complimented each other on how we look in white socks; we both happen to
have the long second toe and we flatter each other about how nice our feet
look in white socks. It’s just a jock thing.Brian looked a bit taken aback, but my question seemed to strike him as
reasonable. “Yeah, well, I kept a four-pack for myself, too, and I’m
definitely gonna put them on. I just thought you’d want Preteen Model Tube to go first.”Go first? Go first putting on socks? Like going first on a dare? First to
jump off the high-dive? First to ask someone to dance? This was wacked. I
just left.”Yeah, I’ll go first. But hey, wait,” I said, putting the fourpack on the
bookshelf nex to me, “I have to get back some DVD’s Preteen Model Tube I loaned Brad, because
I have to return them before they close, or I get socked with late fees. Be
right back. Sorry - ” and I literally ran out the door. It bothered me that
Brian looked so jilted - I’d never mean to upset him, he’s totally cool
(also totally hot, if you know what I mean) and we’re more than compatible
as roommates. But damn, all over socks? Maybe he was coming down with
something. I’d apologize later and make sure things were cool again. But I
kind of congratulated myself on how I thought up the DVD story out of thin
air.Besides, it wasn’t a total lie. I had loaned some DVDs to Brad, and they
were due today, but the guy at the DVD rental place was cool so it wouldn’t
be a problem. Besides, I really did want to see Brad, and badly. He was
best buds with Brian, and might know what was going on.Also, Brad might understand. He was pretty mainstream about most things,
and he’d probably sympathize with Brian and get me to see Brian’s urgency,
which to me was totally unfathomable at this point. Brad was way into
white socks, and also had the feet for them. I think he was probably the
same size as Brian and I, and he even had the index toe, as Brian and I
called it.”You’re such an idiot,” Brad told me, when I explained why I was there. He
was wearing a shirt and shorts (he liked showing off his nice legs), with
loafers over his white socks. “Don’t you know what it means? It means
Brian’s totally hot for you, dude. You might as well have slapped him in
the face. Guys give these to guys they’re hot for, and it’s more than
that.”"What do you mean more than that,” I asked Brad, more flummoxed than
ever. Socks?”Do you live on another planet?” Brad asked, looking at me like I was not
understanding him, which I wasn’t. “He’s got a special thing for you ’cause
he’s hot for your feet, dude. You share socks sometimes, right?”"RIght,” I said, feeling stupid by now but still confused.”Do you realize that guys don’t share socks? I mean, maybe in an emergency,
but that’s about it. He really wanted to see you in them, right? Face it,
both of you have really sexy feet. I know good-looking feet when I see
them, and your feet are definitely to die for, dude. Was he like begging
and everything?”"He practically put them on me,” I said, wondering how Brad had all this
insight about Brian and about sharing socks and stuff like that..”Dude, he’s hot for your feet, do you see? He thinks your feet are hot. You
walk out on him just as he gives you a gift that says he’s hot for
you. Dude, that’s not cool.” Brad could see he wasn’t getting through. I
couldn’t think of anything to say.But I did think of a little bit of something to say. Not much,
though. Although I did get rolling after a bit.”I mean, I’m cool with him liking my feet and all,” I said. “I like his
feet, too. In fact, I like all of him. We get along great, we each think
each other’s sexy, and I guess it is unusual for guys to share Preteen Model Tube socks and to
say how nice their feet look in them. So we’re hot for each other. But so
what about the socks? Who gives a you know what for a pair of socks? I’ve
got socks. Dozens of them. So does he. This is the stupidest
all-about-nothing I’ve ever heard of, and it’s even stupider coming from
you, with your brains. What do I care about a pair of socks, and what’s
more, what do I possibly care about a stupid four-pack of socks? What does
he care? What do you care? And why are the shopping clubs full of young
guys buying four-packs of socks? I can’t stand it anymore!”"So you don’t know about the four-pack?” Brad asked, grabbing onto that one
fact as though it were the only thing I’d said that made sense.”Only that I wish I had a cut of the business,” I said. “I could retire
young. At the rate they’re selling, guys’ll be wearing them
everywhere. Besides all the ads, guys will be like billboards walking
around on two feet.”"Four feet,” Brad corrected me.I looked at him, irritated, not getting his joke or whatever it was.”Excuse me a sec,” Brad said. “I need to change socks. I just bought a
four-pack. You’ll want to see this.”It was all I could do to stand there and politely say nothing. I was solo
bored by this subject. I wished at this point that I wore only argyle
socks, or checkered socks, or executive support hose, or even German
lederhosen at this point.And it was indeed only a sec before Brad returned, carrying a fourpack of
socks and a pair of shoes. Without a word, he sat down on the stylish
little green cloth sofa he’d recently purchased, put the shoes on the
floor, then took off his shoes and put them next to the other shoes. My
eyes involuntarily went to his white-socked feet, so nice in their size and
shape. Definitely a good look on him. He unwrapped the four socks from the
fourpack. He pulled the white socks he was wearing off his feet. As it
usually does, it calmed me to see his bare feet. I like lots Preteen Model Tube of kinds of
male feet, but I couldn’t help notice his index toes. Feet like that are
really nice, and the sight of them always puts me in a better frame of
mind, if you know what I mean.”You may as well see this first here with me, since you’re going to be
seeing it everywhere,” Brad smiled, also calmer than before.He crossed one leg and slipped the first white sock from the four-pack
on. It fit like a glove, although since this was his foot, I should really
say it fit like a sock. Something about white socks kind of highlights and
smoothes out even the handsomest foot, sort of dresses it up in a sexy
way. He smoothed his hands over the foot, pointing the foot this way and
that and running his hands along it, up past the ankle to the shin, and
lowered his leg, planting the handsome white-socked foot on the floor. Its
barefoot brother seemed envious, I imagined, but now it was the barefoot
brother’s turn to get dressed up.Brad crossed the other leg and fitted the second white sock over the bare
foot, again smoothing his hands along the newly socked foot. I think Brad
was hot about his own feet, and who wouldn’t be, Preteen Model Tube with feet like that. He
was obviously quietly turned on by them, I could tell, the way he
looked. It was cool that a guy with feet like that would point out that he
liked my feet, I thought.But then Brad lost me again.”What are you doing?” I asked Brad. He was flushed and breathing a little
rapidly, crossing both feet and pulling them up and putting the third and
fourth socks on over both of them. Something about this seemed to be really
turning him on. “Wait till you do this,” he said breathlessly, locking eyes
with me for a moment. “You can’t believe how good it feels.”Then Brad gave a quick look to the instructions on the fourpack wrapper
without removing his hands from the socks on his feet. The socks fit over
the first pair he’d put on because they stretched enough, but why!I started to Preteen Model Tube ask him. I had even formed the “w” of “why with my lips, but
Brad said, “Not now!” He was still breathing hard, and he was flushed. So
were both of his legs, I noticed. Then he said, with something like a
subdued scream in his voice, “Almost! Almost!”He was obviously now totally aroused. He was feverishly smoothing his hands
over the socks Preteen Model Tube covering his two big handsome feet. He was breathing hard
and pouring off sweat, running his hands up over the stretched socks. He
raised his knees and put his hands on them, and with once sudden thrust, he
forced his sweat-glistened knees together and kicked his sock-bound feet
outward. “AAAAaaagggghhhhhh!!!!!” he screamed, but it was a scream of
pleasure, as his white-stockinged feet landed on the floor in front of him
with a loud thump.Louder than I Preteen Model Tube
would have expected. I swallowed, amazed and now
aroused. Because it was four feet that hit the floor. four feet on four
legs, sweat-glistened legs of Brad’s. Brad with four sweat-glistened legs
and four-white stockinged Preteen Model Tube feet. four big good-looking dressed-up
white-stockinged feet. Brad with four legs, four feet. My mind was trying
to get it, although my body already had. I realized I was breathing hard
and that I had come in buckets inside my own shorts; I was still pulsing as
the last ejaculations pumped. I wiped my forehead with my hand, stunned and
amazed, catching my breath.Brad was still breathing hard, catching his breath, his face, arms and legs
shiny with sweat and a huge come spot Preteen Model Tube spreading darkly through the fabric
of his shorts. His shorts had ripped to shreds in the middle. There, a
perfectly matched, sweating beautiful pair of legs now nestled beneath his
sweating original two legs.After a couple hours of Brad showing me his four new legs and four
beautifully white-socked size 13s, I went home to share my new enthusiasm
with Brian. Well when I got home, I guess I shouldn’t have been too
surprised that Brian had taken my sudden departure as a rejection of his
gift of the four-pack, and since the four-pack represented his Preteen Model Tube attraction
to me and love for me, he took it as a rejection of his love, and he had
taken it pretty hard.It was out of character for him, since he didn’t have any vices, but when I
got home I was surprised when Brian met me at the door with a pair of huge
swaying hardons, drunk and teary-eyed, leaning out the door off-balance,
with his arms hidden inside behind the half-open door and the door
jamb. His physical beauty struck me, especially when I noticed the change,
half-hidden by the wobbling door as he leaned his sweet drunken body
against it, swaying. His beautiful lips numbly tried to form the words, his
tongue heavy and slurred as his sweet, tear-reddened eyes tried to focus on
me.”I wwwentt firs’ for youu,” he said, his voice oddly musical in his drunken
state, his highlighted hair disheveled and hanging down over his
tear-reddened eyes, and his beautiful naked long-legged drunken body
swaying and pitching this way and that on its four big new clumsy bare
feet.”See?” he said, sounding stupid as his drunken four-legged body swayed
against the half-open door and the door jamb, his four beautiful feet
unsure of themselves, stepping on themselves or clumsily knocking into the
door.”Four of’em,” he said, blinking drunkenly, trying to raise a couple of his
four beautiful large drunken feet to show me and almost falling over as a
result. His voice was still sexy, maybe even sexier since it was so slow
and stupid sounding, although he was drunkenly sincere. And he was so
beautiful and handsome, and he was the kind of guy who becomes strangely
more erotic and oddly sexier when he’s drunk, even more so with four legs.”Four legs, long legs, four long legs for you,” Brian’s sweet lips numbly
said in that slurred, oddly melodic drunken voice. “‘N I got four of my big bare feet, big bare feet, all four of’em, I put
on my four-pack and grew’em for you ’cause you’d like me this way, with
four legs and four feet, ’cause you like my legs and my bare feet, so I
grew four of’em for you,” he slurred. He swayed, seeming to forget what he
had been talking about, and his eyes tried to focus on the four beautiful
bare feet that were Preteen Model Tube stupidly standing on each other, trying to keep his
tall, handsome drunk nude body balanced.I felt bad to have upset him, and I felt horrible that even in his helpless
condition he was turning me on and I wanted to make love to his drunken
four-legged body in the worst way.”Brian, you look so sexy like this, and I’d love to see you in the four
white socks,” I had to admit. “I love your four legs and the four bare feet
you grew for me. Thanks for going first for me.”His beautiful, drunkenly flushed face swung up heavily to look at me, from
where he had been staring at his four beautiful big feet, which obviously
aroused him, judging by the size of his stiff penis. His four legs swayed
among each other, bringing his hind legs into full view from behind the
half-open door. I felt my own hardon stiffen to see that Brian had a second
pair of huge penises between his hind legs, giving him Preteen Model Tube one pair of large
male genitals between each pair of legs. One of his aroused hind penises
had a white sock over it, still gluey with come.He laughed drunkenly, both penises further enlarging aroused at seeing me
aroused by him with four huge penises.”You weren’t here’n'I had to jack off so bad,” he slurred, a drunken smile
on his beautiful lips. “‘Cept afterwards my hands changed and I couldn’t
get the sock off my boner an’ I couldn’t put the other socks back on any of
my four feet. Shhh-hhh, don’ tell anyone, but I don’ think Preteen Model Tube
you’re s’posed
to grow four legs when you’re drunk,” he said in an unintentionally loud
drunken whisper, “‘Cause it makes you wristfooted.”In his drunken forgetfulness he had intended to bring his hand from behind
the half-open door and put a finger to his lips. But instead of a finger,
it was a big toe, the big toe of a large beautiful white-socked foot, as
big as his other four feet, but way out of proportion as it grew from his
wrist where his hand used to be.”See?” he said, bringing his other arm out, with its own beautifully huge
white-socked foot hanging heavily from its wrist.Without bracing his wrist feet against the wall and door as he had been
doing all this time, Brian’s naked four-legged body toppled drunkenly into
my arms. Oh, did he feel good to touch, his beautiful muscular supple body
warm and relaxed, drunk in my arms. I kissed his sweet-breathed lips,
feeling him swaying and stupid against me, and I could feel his four big
naked legs clumsily tangled with both my legs, his two huge frontal boners
hot. His front naked legs straddled my legs and his new long-muscled hind
legs snuggled warmly against his front legs, with his hind boners hot among
them.He laughed drunkenly, his breath sweet in my face, and brought his
white-socked wrist feet up to rest on my chest. They were huge. “Whoops,”
he said in a slight rush of warm sweet breath. “I’m wrist footed.” He
clumsily bit one of the socks and managed to slide it off his wrist foot. I
felt its warmth radiating on my lips and Preteen Model Tube face, so I kissed it. It was
beautiful. I got boned thinking of my drunken Brian and his six beautiful
big feet, on his four legs and two wrists. I was going to put socks on all
six of them, and leave him naked. For now.His sweet lips kissed mine again, and in a rush of sweet warm breath he
said, tears forming in his eyes, “You like me this way, don’t you?”Before he could start to cry, I kissed both his beautiful huge wrist feet
again and kissed him on his sweet, drunken, beautiful lips, gave my drunken
six-footed Brian a really good kiss.”I love you this way, Brian.” And I kept my lips on his as I turned and
held his big beautiful drunken four legged body next to mine, feeling his
four big beautiful drunken feet clumsily trying to walk with me. I kept our
lips together, his sweet breath pouring over me, his eyes closed
blissfully, as I walked him back to our room, my arm around his beautiful
drunken body, my other arm pressing his big wrist feet to me, one of them
white-socked and Preteen Model Tube the other still naked. We would make love and then find
enough socks for him. And then we would open my four-pack.It was several hours later.”You dance like you have two left feet,” I smiled at Brian as I held him
close, slow-dancing with him. He was still getting used to having four
feet, and so was I.He looked down, just to make sure.”That’s because I do have two left feet.” he said. He didn’t add the
expected “silly” at the end of his sentence, but his look said it.But I got him back: “Well, you’ve got three left feet if you count your
left wrist foot,” I said, giving the large wrist foot a squeeze. I could
feel his giant frontal boner hots against my giant boner. His hind boners
were back there between his hind legs, newly aroused. We both grew boners
easily, we found, even at the mention of our extra feet, the mention of
Brian’s wrist feet, or if we touched or squeezed any of our feet or if I
did anything with Brian’s wrist feet. They were like erogenous zones.We’d noticed that earlier with all the four-legged guys at the shopping
club that day, as they were buying more four-packs of white socks for their
friends. Like us, they were turned on all the time, it seemed, flushed and
aroused, quite taken with their foursomes of legs as well as of those of
every four-legged guy they saw. No doubt because of the novelty of being
four-legged, every four-legged guy, including Brian and I, were in Preteen Model Tube our
white socks, shoeless, just wearing those sexy white socks that made the
four feet that much hotter-looking. It was cool that all the guys who
worked at the shopping club were now four-legged as well, also hot in their
four white-socked feet.As we’d stood in the endless checkout line among all the other throngs of
four-legged guys, talking with them about being four-footed and about guys
we’d like to see four-footed, we’d noticed a few guys who, like Brian, had
been drunk at the time they became four-legged. You could tell because they
were attractively Preteen Model Tube wrist footed as well, just like Brian. And they all had
interesting stories of how they’d been partying or whatever when they’d put
on their new four-packs of socks, and of the wildly erotic reactions they
and their friends felt when they became not only four-legged but wrist
footed as well.It turned out that Brian was rare for having grown four penises; from
talking to the few other guys who’d become four-dicked, it meant that they
were basically so in love with a guy that they had no choice but to become
four-dicked. But it was cool if you didn’t become four dicked, because when
you fell in love with a guy you would. Even the thought of that turned me
on, and I could see how I could easily become four-dicked over Brian. I
loved him, with a newly discovered love that he had brought out in me, and
I was in a frame of mind where I felt that I could really fall for him any
moment. He liked that, and he definitely got his four dicks huge and
aroused over me, which turned me on, too.And when we noticed in the crowd our pal Barefoot Stoner, a friend of ours
from the Three and Four Legged Guys club online, he introduced us to his
stoner buddies and showed us another surprise - his six bare feet. Never
mind that it was a four-pack of white socks, if you were stoned when you
put them on, you grew six legs, not four. But he liked that, which was cool
because he looked good with six bare feet, an extra dick with each extra
pair of legs. Some of his stoner buddies had the doubled dicks and the
wrist feet too, from partying stoned and drunk and being in love with a guy
at the same time. Everyone got so boned looking at them that they felt
six-dicked whether they were or weren’t. It was so hot.And Brian and I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long until all four of
Barefoot Stoner’s white-socked pals were six-dicked over him as well.We’d talked about them as we were slow dancing, before we went upstairs to
make love. Then he stopped slow dancing, so I did too, wondering why. It
was because he had a question to ask me.”Did you want me six-legged?” Brian asked, gently holding both sides of my
neck with the soles of his huge wrist feet and locking my eyes with his.”Nice of you to ask,” I smiled, turning my face left and right to kiss each
of his wrist feet, “but I like you four-legged. Something about you in four
white socks.”"Me, too,” he smiled, and I could feel his four white-socked feet sidling
up against mine. The feel of his four white-socked feet Preteen Model Tube against the four of
my white-socked feet made his four hardons huge. It made mine huge, too,
and sure enough, I grew four giant hardons for him right then as we kissed.
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